Our Commitment

Filta is an environmental services company, dedicated to the betterment of the environment. We offer unparalleled environmental benefits to our customers, and we strive to operate with minimal impact on the environment ourselves.

Integrating Sustainability Into Service Delivery

At their core our services provide environmental benefits to our customers through reducing their carbon footprint and through reducing their waste.

Message from CEO

Filta is committed to providing services which benefit the environment. Looking after the planet is in our DNA. We have always looked for ways to reduce energy and waste in our processes and are excited to share these through our ESG commitments.

Jason Sayers


Our Aims & Objectives


Scope 1: Emissions from Direct Fuel Use

  • Net zero operations by 2035
  • Operational emission reduction of 50% by 2030

Scope 2: Emissions from Electricity Use

100% renewable electricity by 2025

Office Waste Recycling

  • Zero to waste by 2030

Code of Conduct

We are an organisation fully committed to sustainability.

Our products and services are intrinsically environmentally positive, providing services that minimise waste, prevent environmental harm and support the mitigation of climate change. Honesty and integrate form part of our core company values and we uphold these by operating ethically and responsibly at all times. We do this by:
  • Legal compliance: Obeying national laws in all countries in which we operate.
  • Corruption: Prohibiting corruption in all it’s forms, including bribery, extortion, fraud, embezzlement, money laundering and facilitation payments. Gifts and hospitality are not accepted if they are in any way thought, or perceived to be, in return for showing favour/disfavour to another individual/organisation.
  • Data privacy: Protecting personal information and processing it lawfully, fairly and in a transparent way.
  • Discrimination: Providing an inclusive and equal opportunity work environment and not discriminating against employees or job applicants on the basis of race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, age, sex or sexual orientation, gender reassignment, religion or belief, marital or civil partner status, pregnancy or maternity, political opinion or disability (including as a result of health conditions relating to coronavirus, HIV and mental health). We remunerate equally for work of equal value.
  • Environment: Taking a precautionary approach to environmental challenges, minimising environmental harm and maximising our positive environmental impact through our products and services. We manage our direct service operations in accordance with our ISO 14001 certified business management system.
  • Health & safety: Providing a safe and healthy working environment for employees, and abiding by our ISO 45001 certified management system in our regions offering direct client service.
  • Human rights: Respecting and upholding human rights and prohibiting complicity in any human rights abuses.
  • Labour standards: Prohibiting the use of child labour (under the age of 18), forced/compulsory labour and modern slavery and paying fair remuneration.
  • Political influence: Prohibiting lobbying that conflicts with the standards that we uphold in this policy, and not donating to any political parties.
  • Responsible procurement: Considering social and environmental impacts in our procurement decisions.
This Code of Conduct documents the policies that apply to Filta Group and all its subsiduaries, which includes operations in the UK, USA and Europe. The Code is reviewed and updated annually. Employees and other stakeholders are invited, and encouraged, to raise any suspected non-compliances with this Code, or other whistleblowing concerns, with their line manager.