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ValueTheMarkets Podcast

Today’s guest on the ValueTheMarkets podcast is Jason Sayers, CEO, and founder of Filta Group (LSE:FLTA). Filta provides environmental services to commercial kitchens in the UK, Europe, and North America. Filta has been operational for 20 years and it’s original FiltaFry service provides cooking oil filtration & fryer management services to restaurants and other food establishments, servicing over 6,000 customers every week and has recycled over 1/4 billion litres of oil. Over the years, the company has increased its product and service offering to include commercial refrigeration seal replacement, wastewater pumping and treatment, and drain maintenance.

Filta’s revenue stream is generated from a combination of company-owned operations and a network of franchise owners. In this interview, Jason discusses the firm’s structure, the acquisition of Watbio and his strategy for continued growth.